I have over 10 years working experience as Digital Compositor in Commercials, Feature Film, TV Episodic and Cooperate productions. After finishing my studies in media technology in 2004 i started to work as a digital compositor. first working in a small company i worked on local tv spots, cooperate movies and some music videos for international acts.

After some years in automotive/industry visualisation i’ve decided to work as freelancer and quickly advanced to high level international productions. I’ve worked on a acamdemy award winning project as on a Emmy awarded project. During my work i also spend over 5 month in shanghai, china.

Besides compositing i have some good knowledge in creating scripts and macros for production pipelines and workflow improvement. With a strong technical background, wide knowledge over the whole production process and experience in creating tools in scripting languages such as Python and LUA.

I worked on projects with big teams, small teams and even some all be my self. For some work i was also the team leader, of teams up to 8 compositors. In this position i worked closely with the supervisors, decided and developed best workpractices, production scripts and workflow between diffrent departments.

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